Do your display cases come with hardware?
Yes, most of our standard wall mounted display cases come with screws, dry wall anchors and washers. Please note that our sliding door cases do not come with mounting hardware. 

Are the cases pre drilled to hang on the wall?
Yes, all standard wall mounted display cases come with holes pre-drilled to accept wall mounting hardware, which we also supply. Where possible we try to drill the cases 16" on center so that the screws can be driven directly into wall studs if you choose. 

Do all of the display cases come with a mirror back?
Mirror backs are standard on almost all standard wall mounted display cases. You do have the option of a clear back if you choose, for the same price. The only exception is the blister pack case for 1 / 64 cars. It is only offered with a clear back. Almost all single collectible, table top displays, come standard with clear covers (some with mirror back) and a variety of base types. 

Do your display cases come with a dust cover or door?
Yes, all of our standard wall mounted display cases come with a crystal clear acrylic door with durable clear acrylic hinges or sliding acrylic door, to help keep out dust.

How do the display cases open?
We have three basic door designs. Our display cases made with hinged doors have removable pins. The smaller cases are hinged at the sides and the larger cases are hinged at the top and bottom. There are 4 clear hinges on most cases. Two of the hinges have a partially removed pin which must be totally removed to allow the door to open. The pins should be reinserted to hold the door closed. The side hinged cases can be arranged so that they open from left-to-right or right-to-left depending on how you choose to mount it to the wall. The same goes with the top & bottom hinged cases. The door will either lift up or drop down. It all depends on how you choose to hang the case on the wall.
To open the case, simply remove the pin and swing the door open. When you're finished loading the case, simply reinsert the pin to keep the door closed. Our sliding door cases come with a dual action door which slides or lifts out for efficiency and allows hands-free loading and unloading.

Any suggestions on how to make hanging the case a little easier?

  Remove all of the hinge pins and take the door completely off before trying to hang the case. This will make the display case easier to handle. All hinge pins come with one end that has either ribs or a knob, take an ink pen or small nail and push against the pin on the opposite side of the ribs. This will loosen the pins so they can be removed. Our sliding door cases come with a dual action door which slides or lifts out and makes hanging the wall case easier.

How do I clean my display case?
Do not use window cleaner or any other cleaning solvent containing ammonia or any other harsh chemicals. Do not use paper towels. Use only a clean, soft, damp cloth, never use a dry cloth. If you wish, you can use a mild dish soap in water.

For best cleaning results we suggest using  Brillianize Cleaner, it polishes the plastic and leaves a glaze that helps reduce static electricity and repels dust. Brillianize Cleaner is sold with every case and shipping charges on the cleaner are free when you purchase the cleaner with your case.

How are the display cases shipped?

We use both UPS and Fed-ex Ground. In our experience both shippers offer economical rates, very good service and almost never deliver a damaged package.



Due to shipping regulations and package sizes, we can ship only to the Continental United States.